Equinox Business Group specializes in sourcing. We find the Best suppliers, ensures quality control of your order and assist you in all your steps through to final delivery.

Ask us for a quotation:

After finding your product or manufactured, we send you a “sample”.

If it is accepted we proceed to manufacture.

At the end of production we do a quality control of your products and send you a full report.

After validation from you we proceed with sending your order by the carrier of your choice or our carriers.

Share our experience and professionalism we are now working with major international companies, allowing us to offer exceptional rates.

We will send you our product catalogs already marketed on request from you.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will offer you the Best Prices & Services !





Act according only in areas where you excel and let us help you for the rest and thus ensure the success of your company.

You are already in business and your company has sales or marketing problems, please contact us.

We will put one of our experts at your disposal to determine what action to take to get your business on track and give it the momentum to make big profits quickly.




Website Creation:

With our expertise at very competitive rates in the IT field, we realize your key websites in hand according to your specifications.

We work with professionals and guarantee a perfect result both in design as SEO.


To have your site not just a drop in the ocean of the internet, SEO is essential.

We propose to list your site in over 400 search engines, the best known, Google, Yahoo

We are also specialized in the referencing of social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

To receive a full quote contact us




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